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Types and Different of Forklift Trucks in Malaysia

When you have to trade or barter small or large things within a short distance, you require a vehicle to commute in or directly transfer the things to their stipulated places; in such cases you invariably need small lift truck which can be utilized for lifting goods and in other words they are known as forklift trucks as well. Available in electrical valves, hydraulic controllers and levers, these trucks have immense load capacities along with a unique agronomic design. The forklift trucks have a wide range of designs such as the Hand Pallet Truck, The Towing Tractor, Reach Truck, Rider Stacker and so on which have an inbuilt internal combustion engine in order to combat fire or abnormalities in the circuits. The telescopic forklift truck is capable of operating on kerosene as a form of power boost and some of them bear hybrid drive trains too.

Coming to the varieties of forklift trucks, they can be differentiated on the basis of certain things, here are some enumerated below:

Industrial Reach Forklift Trucks-

industrial reach forklift

They are immensely befitting and ideal for warehousing since they have a potential for high lifting and high rise package. The Industrial Reach forklifts are further sub divided into stand up and double deep trucks which have the capacity of only one load and having two protruding forks for better height and easy lifting or transporting respectively.

Industrial Counter Balance Forklifts-

counter balance forklift

Such are the ones used in indoor warehousing and storage; however, they can be used on uniform surfaces and outdoors as well provided it is even, such as a stable. Three wheel models are available for this kind which has narrow aisles, thereby facilitating smooth maneuvering.

Rough Terrain Forklifts-

rough terrain forklift

These are generally used in outdoors during construction or for rough purposes such as terrains and so on; they can function on uneven grounds as well with perfect speed and durability and bears a good sense of maneuvering. These are not merely used during lifting but also for transporting goods which are quite heavy with a rugged terrain or coarse surface; they are accordingly balanced and thus can be known as calibrated counter balances too.

Industrial Side Loader Forklifts-

industrial side loader forklift

They are exclusively made for narrow aisles since the forks are distinctly mounted to the side of the trucks which enable them to lift and pick up high loads which would have otherwise been difficult had it been a straight forward forklift. The enclosed cab of this kind of forklift is more suitable for outdoor purposes whereas the stand up version is used commonly in indoors; they are beneficial for the transport of tubes, pipes and sheets with high efficiency owing to their structure.

Telescopic Handler Forklifts-

telescopic handler forklift

This is commonly used in agriculture and in outdoor purposes where a lot of lifting is required, especially of loads and heavy goods. Their features make them ideal for industry works and are useful in a range of cranes and others. It has a series of additional attachments like the lift table, bucket and muck grabber; the extra advantage of this forklift truck is that it bears a single telescopic characteristic which enables the truck to become a much more flexible and superior part of machinery.

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks-

pedestrian pallet forklift

For the feasible transportation of pallets, these trucks are used in warehousing situations and for storage; the truck has forks that slide underneath the pallet and allow the truck to lift loads from the ground pretty flexibly and with ease. This is usually done owing to the presence of hydraulic jacks in the forklifts.

In general, pallet trucks are used more for transporting goods in ground especially with even surfaces, however its reach is confined because on the contrary, lift trucks are equipped with more complex facilities which enable them to transport and lift loads both on to a higher elevation and even during stacking goods on top of each other with ease.



If you had no idea what you are looking for? Or what is the application of forklift that are suitable, our specialist will provide the necessary advice and guidance through out the tenure.

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