Importance of Forklift Maintenance

Maintenance of Forklift Trucks

forklift maintenance

We are all aware of the importance of the forklift trucks, its uses and the capabilities that are associated with it, making the work of workers easy and extremely efficient when it comes to carrying heavy load and components. In this article, we will learn what the different types of forklift trucks that are currently used in the market and the safety and precautions that come with it. Owning a forklift truck is just a matter of one-time investment, but what follows is the toughest job, not only for forklift trucks but all other machines- the maintenance of a particular machine. So, in this article, we will also talk about the best steps and the procedures that one needs to take in order to keep their trucks in the best possible condition.

Let us now take a look at the different types of trucks available to us.

  1. Articulated Counterbalance Trucks
  2. Guided Very Narrow Aisle Trucks
  3. Omnidirectional Trucks
  4. UL 558 Safety Rated Trucks
  5. UL 583 Safety Rated Trucks
  6. US Military 10K-AT Trucks
  7. Automated Forklift Trucks

These are some of the most commonly used forklifts trucks in the world. The first three of them are common in all the warehouses where the big components and loads need to carry from place to place. The UL-series trucks are only made for industrial purposes and are capable of lifting heavier loads than the standard forklift trucks. The US Military forklift trucks are only available to the military people and are restricted for either common or industrial use and is used to carry heavy weapons and their components. The automated forklift trucks are a separate breed where all the controls are not manually fed but automatically controlled, thanks to the built-in censors of truck. From checking the weight of the load to lifting the fork automatically, it just requires a set path where it has to carry the load and everything will be done automatically.


Having discussed a lot about the different types and structures of the forklift trucks, let us come to the important and the crucial portion of our discussion- about the maintenance of the trucks.

The safety is one of the most important things that one has to know before knowing how to maintain the truck. The standards of the safety in a forklift truck include the important ANSI-B56 and the stewardship has also been passed on to the Industrial Truck Standard Development Foundation, out of which, other safety standards have also been implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Healthy and Safety Executive.

The driver safety also has many stages where a driver is specifically trained all the basic of the forklift trucks, its working principle and how to manage the truck. Right from maneuvering the truck to lifting the weight on the fork and carrying it around, there are different institutions in United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Now, talking about the safety of the forklift truck, one must ensure that it is taken care of in the best possible way to maximize its efficiency and the life span of the truck.

  1. Only qualified engineers should be permitted to work on the components and the parts of the truck.
  2. One must always wear the proper protective gears while handling all the dangerous components of the truck.
  3. All the sources of power generating electricity should be cut off before accessing and analyzing all the electrical components of the truck.
  4. The forklift should be blocked correctly before removing the wheels.
  5. The important thing about handling the components is the fact that the work area should be kept well clean and lit.
  6. The components of any machines use oil or other lubricants to keep the surfaces free of any friction. So one must ensure that any spilled oil should be cleaned immediately to prevent any mishaps.
  7. The removed tools and all the parts should be installed properly, checked and washed before starting the engine.
  8. Batteries form one of the most important components of all the machines, being the main and the primary source of the power. One must ensure that the battery is taken utmost care while handling it.
  9. Batteries contain a positive and a negative terminal which is extremely sensitive to metals. The slightest touch of a reactive metal can ignite a spark in the flow of ions within, which can give rise to a fire as well. So ensure that you keep all the hoists and the metal chains away from the battery while handling them.
  10. The battery top should be covered with an insulating material to prevent any excess flow of charges.


Final Words

These conclude all the essential details that are required to be followed for maximum protection of the forklift trucks. One must ensure to follow these steps in the right to get the best out of their trucks.